Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Courier in Manila: Xend Convenience

I had the most convenient experience in shipping out items in my entire life yesterday. For years, I've been shipping out items via LBC. Yesterday, after wanting to ship out items quickly, I thought of Xend. Friends told me that it's the most affordable yet the most convenient. Convenient in a way that they come pick-up your item for you.

Have you tried LBC? There are times when you need to line up for 15 minutes just to wait for your turn. Also, LBC is a few huge blocks down the road for me so I usually take my car. If you're lucky, there will be no parking problems.

Before my experience yesterday, I have only received items from Xend. Clients use them, friends use them, and I was wondering how efficient their system is, being very affordable and popular. At around 11am, I scheduled a pick-up for the items I need to ship out. At around 2pm, I was already wondering if the Xend guy would come. I tried calling their hotline but no one answered. That might be the only inefficient system they had but at around 3pm, the guy came.

He asked if I had my waybill ready and I said no. I had no idea that you can print your waybill via their website. He patiently waited for me to fill out 3 forms because I had 3 items to send out. After that, I paid 200 pesos only!!! All items are for Metro Manila delivery only but still.. P200!! I cannot believe it. In LBC, it would cost me already around P450 pesos for those same items, maybe even more!

After giving the Xend guy my items, he gave me a bunch of extra Xend plastic bags and a thin booklet of unfilled-up waybills so our next transaction would be quicker. Nice service for such an affordable price.

I think that Xend is a catalyst for the e-commerce industry here in the Philippines as they provide affordable rates and convenient service giving sellers a convenient way to send out items and buyers a more affordable option for shipping.

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