Friday, February 13, 2015

Buy Apps in Apple App Store without Credit Card

Today marks a very important day in the history of e-commerce in the Philippines, specifically Apple Apps and other digital files being sold in iTunes and App Store. Smart is the first in the world to be able to implement operator billing to purchase Apps and other digital products from iTunes and App Store without the need of having a credit card. You will be charged on your Smart Postpaid bill or deduct credits from your Prepaid load for any purchase you make through this method.

This move is an answer for Filipinos who doesn't have credit cards or is "uncarded" as they say. Credit card usage here is very low and this solution will surely enable Smart subscribers to Live More, as their tagline says.

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How to purchase Apps, music, movies etc in iTunes or Apple App Store:
1) Using your Smart Prepaid or Smart Postpaid, text "REG" and send it to 4949.
2) You will receive a string of numbers and other account details you will be needing to purchase.
3) Go to "Settings" in your iOS device. Add "Payment Options" and select "Mastercard"
4) Enter the numbers sent to you via text.

Watch the step-by-step video here:

That's it! The string of numbers you will receive via SMS is somewhat like a credit card number. You will also receive an expiration date just like any other credit card and a security code number.

After that, you can now start purchasing digital files in the Apple ecosystem! Take note that by using this service, you can only purchase in the Philippine market. If you are using US App Store, you won't be able to purchase.

Facts you might be interested in:
- You can only use that credit card number for the App Store and not for any other services
- There is an added 15% convenience fee. This is will not go to Smart. This is for the 12% VAT and other charges incurred by Smart for this service.
- Only Philippine App Store apps can be purchased.
- You can have one credit card number per Smart account.
- Expiration of your "Smart App Store Credit Card" account will more or less be the same with normal credit cards. You can renew after it expires.
- There is no charge when applying for a "Smart App Store Credit Card".
- This service is referred to as "Pay with Mobile" by Smart.
- You will still be bound with your existing Postpaid credit limit. For Prepaid, amount that can be used will depend on the load credits that you have.
- To get your account, text "REG" and send it to 4949. To stop the service, text "STOP" to 4949.
- You will receive an SMS confirmation after every purchase made.
- In-game purchases is also possible with this.
- This will also be available for Sun Subscribers soon.

That's it for now. Will add more as I get to try this service.

Thanks to Smart for another world's first for the Philippines and innovating this new service, making lives more convenient.

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