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Enslaved by the Apple Army? Apple Goodies Throughout the Years

I'm so happy with my latest acquisition that as a blogger, I think I must do an obligatory first blog post on it. You see, people might think that I'm extravagant having almost all kinds of Apple products. What most don't know is that almost all were acquired for a good deal. Read on.
Apple iPod Nano 6th Generation image from my blog post before
My very first Apple product was a first generation iPod Nano 2GB. I got it in 2005 when everyone was using those iPods that can play movies already. Going price for pre-owned units during that time was around 7000 pesos and for 4000 pesos, it was a pretty fresh unit as it was practically brand new condition with the original protective sticker still attached. In 2011, Apple announced a recall on all first generation iPod Nanos and mine was eligible. Imagine, 6 years after I first purchased it! I was excited because my second hand iPod Nano would turn into brand new! But no. Actually, it was better. It turned into an iPod Nano 6th Generation 8GB! I liked how the first gen Nano looked like but the 6th gen can be worn as a watch! Now, tell me if that purchase wasn't an investment or what. It appreciated in value! To date, I still have it with me perfectly working with a long battery life. (Link:

In September of 2007, I got my second Apple product, for free. I won it at a contest. Remember the AXE contest where you have to call a number and get a code from Lexi? It's the commercial where the server writes her number using ketchup on the sandwich of the customer. I won one of the many iPhone 3G 8GB they gave away. Most would think it was pure luck. I know I exerted some effort and a little brain with it. I didn't purchase any single AXE product on that contest. I sold it a few years back for 3500 pesos with zero scratches back and front.

My iPad one baby-proofed with Otterbox Defender
In April 2010, Apple announced their very first iPad. I didn't get it right away. I bought one seven months after -- a pre-owned unit. I think I paid 39,000 pesos for it -- iPad 1 WiFi+3G 64GB. That's the highest possible capacity during that time. Brand new prices around that time was around 43,000 to 45,000 pesos. It was expensive but based on my experience on the Apple products that I already have, I need one thinking I can use it for work. I bought it at 39k and after a few days, I saw a better deal. Same everything with lots of original iPad accessories at 36k. I bought it. What I did was I kept all the accessories and sold the second iPad at 39k after 2 weeks. Because of that, my iPad was worth 36k and  I had with me almost 4,000 pesos worth of original iPad accessories! What's better? I still have it with me to this day, perfectly working except for a shorter battery life (1 day) which is expected on aging tech products. That's the problem with iPads, I tell many people. They're indestructible. A good thing for us consumers.

In March 2012, I got my first ever brand new Apple product. Well, it wasn't really mine after a few more months on that year. I had asked the help of an uncle to purchase me in Hong Kong an Apple iPad 3 for my wife-to-be that time. It was my wedding gift to her. I wouldn't buy myself a brand new unit or anything I think is not a good deal but you cannot put any value on that because that's a gift for your wife and for me, it was all worth it.

2012 also marked the year where I switch my main line to Smart Postpaid. I was previously with Sun Cellular ever since late 2003. We were considered early adaptors because during that time, people were doubting Sun Cellular. In 2011, it was acquired by the PLDT group. My plan with Sun Cellular started was Plan 1000, and it slowly went down because of all the unlimited offers until now, I still have it but at Plan 350. Inversely, my Smart account was upgraded over the years from Prepaid to Freedom Plan to Plan 1800. This is the highest plan I've got ever since and it is because of the good deals they offer -- Smart is an advertiser in this blog but they are in no way directing my judgement of what I think of their service.

I inserted Smart here because in 2012, from my iPhone 3G 8GB, I finally got my first new iPhone from my postpaid line from Smart. I skipped 3GS, 4 and 4S. I was there during the launch at Resorts World Manila and was able to bring home my shiny iPhone 5. After that, I wipe-out my plan almost yearly and refresh it to get a new unit. iPhone 5S a year after that and now, the iPhone 6 Plus. I also got a subsidized unit of iPad LTE from my Smart Bro line. Thank God for wipe-out and subsidized postpaid units from Smart. Yearly, I make comparison charts to make sure that I get a good deal (iPhone 5, iPhone 6) on the latest Apple device comparing both Smart and Globe.

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Just yesterday, 2015, I got myself a pre-owned and very slightly used Apple Macbook Air MD761. I'm not ashamed to announce that I hesitate to buy brand new units. It's just that I think that there are somethings that should be bought brand new and there are things better bought second hand. (There are also things that shouldn't be sold second hand, like hard drives and laptop). For the price I paid for my iPad 5 years back, I got a 13" Macbook Air 256GB at almost the same price. That wasn't the good part yet. The super bonus was, it came with Apple Care extended warranty until March 2017! Now, that's what I call a deal! Going price for MD761 now is around 40k+ but that is without Apple Care. Plus, the guy installed basic stuff in it for free -- like Word, Powerpoint, Excel etc.

I'm still learning how to use it though. I only know web browsing and some basic setting adjustments for now. My most favorite OSX Yosemite feature right now is continuity. I can do SMS, iMessage and Facetime connected to my iPhone 6 Plus. Although right now, I cannot say what others say, like "I cannot live without my Mac". But I'm sure that one day, I'll be so used to it that life will be less convenient without a mac. You think I am already enslaved by the Apple army?

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