Sunday, February 22, 2015

Smart Infinity x Store Specialists, Inc (SSI)

Smart Infinity, a premium brand of wireless service leader Smart, has tied up with Store Specialists, Inc. a company under the Rustans Group, which is the exclusive franchisee of some of the finest fashion and lifestyle brands here in the Philippines. These 2 premium brands tied up to give Smart Infinity subscribers enjoy the lifestyle they want and deserve.

According to head of Smart Infinity Julie Carceller, “If you subscribe to our plans today, you will receive a generous amount of shopping GCs, a.k.a. Purple Cards, matched to your chosen package and/or your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus device.” The amount of device and value of Purple Card value you will get will depend on your Smart Infinity plan.

There are 3 available plans under Smart Infinity -- Plan 3500 Aspire, Plan 5000 Prestige and Plan 8000 Premium. Here are the Smart Infinity Plans and their corresponding Purple Card and devices.
As you see, you either get pure Purple Card or Device + Purple Card. As an example, if you get subscribe to Smart Infinity Plan 5000, you get P35,000 worth of Purple Card OR get P10,000 value worth of Purple Card and get a FREE iPhone 6! Check out the table above and see what plan fits you and the corresponding lifestyle gift you can get with your chosen plan.

With that, not only do you get one of the most prestigious plans under Smart, you can also enjoy tons of benefits and privileges only offered to Smart Infinity subscribers and as I have personally experienced it, they know how to take care of their subscribers! Having watched Chicago the Musical with VIP seats, private cocktails and exclusive waiting area a few months back really made me feel that Smart Infinity subscribers are really pampered and well taken cared of.

This time, they want you to enjoy and go on a shopping spree under one of SSI's stores. Feel free to splurge care of Smart Infinity. Check out the participating SSI stores below: (For better view, Click here)

There are so much brands to choose from! Imagine, getting the Plan 5000 will give you P35,000 worth of Purple Card. You'll really have a shopping spree on some of the brands listed there. On higher end brands, you might only be able to purchase an item but that item might be something you really want for a long time -- fancy a his and hers Prada wallet or belt? On the more affordable side, how about tons of clothes from Zara or Aeropostale. Combinations are limitless because you'll have to decide for yourself what you want to buy and spend the Purple Card on.

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