Monday, March 23, 2015

Road Rage: Is It Worth It?

Of course not. Never will it be. Just a few weeks ago, the church sermon topic was about revenge (check out 03/08/2015). Today, in the news was a 48 year old man, shot dead because of road rage. I admit I was not the friendliest driver on the road before but, when you start to have a kid, everything changes. I hope this will be the case for all, even just for those who read this blog or about the news. (Philstar: Businessman shot dead in road rage)

Someone cuts you? Let it be. There's no need for you to take action and I know that this is easier said than done. The one who cut you might have reasons why he did that -- impatient.. in a hurry.. want to take a dump... limitless possibilities! Who knows? You might be the "lucky" one to have an encounter with someone who carries a gun.. or a drunk driver. It's never worth it. 99% of those who takes revenge into their hands by cutting the driver who cut them or doing something like taunting the other driver hasn't thought of the effect of his reaction.

I hate to admit but even I, am not perfect. I had close encounters in the past. Sometimes as the aggressor but sometimes as the "victim". There came a time when I was the aggressor and the "victim" came down knocking on my window. Being young and crazy, it was a good thing that my judgement told me to just leave and swallow my pride. This is probably why I'm still alive today. Pride will get you nowhere but down. You might win that instant but you'll never know what can happen next.

Life is short. Don't make it shorter. Just drive safe and be kind to everyone on the road -- even though the EDSA traffic makes your blood boil past boiling point or you just want to drive a bulldozer and plow through those annoying buses and jeepneys. Chill.

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