Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Is Smart Big Bytes 50 for You?

This new bundle from Smart gives you affordable internet access valid for 3 days to be used for music streaming (via Spinnr), Youtube, Skype, Qik, and an allocation for mobile data!
Smart Big Bytes can be availed by all Smart Bro, Smart Prepaid, Smart Postpaid mobile internet subscribers. This specific "Big Bytes 50" package costs just 50 pesos and is valid for 3 days already. With that, Big Bytes package gives you 300MB of data + 500MB for Spinnr + 100MB for Youtube, Skype, and Qik!

This package is perfect for students or people who just needs a small amount of data daily. As an illustration, I used a data calculator tool (MyData Calculator) and imagined a non-heavy user will use mobile internet:
Given that scenario, the Big Bytes 50 would be perfect for this person as he/she can fully consume the amount within 3 days. You might say that it's very easy to finish all that data but what we are saying here is, this internet package is for those who casually use mobile internet on-the-go. Again, as mentioned in other posts, your home would most probably have internet connection subscription. Most establishments have free WiFi as well and now, even some buses provide free WiFi! In the office, you either have WiFi or if not, the company has a reason why they do not allow personal devices to connect to the network -- productivity issue etc. So really, Big Bytes 50 is a perfect package for light users.

To subscribe, send "BIG50 to 9999". If you want more info, you can read more about it here > http://www.smart.com.ph/bigbytes

If you've used the Smart FREE internet offer late last time, this is 10 times the amount plus you get free data allocation for Spinnr, Youtube and other apps mentioned. If you think the free internet offer of 30MB is useless, think again. You may have the money to pay for mobile data services but others don't. I know people who greatly benefited from the FREE internet offer of Smart, Sun, and Talk n Text! Most of them do not have the budget to spend for mobile internet services but rather, they save and spend a small amount on call and SMS services. They were very thankful for it as they were able to access Facebook and other sites for free.

And with Big Bytes, for 50 pesos valid for 3 days, this would be more than enough for those who enjoyed the free internet offer. If you split it up to 3 days, cost per day would be less than 17 pesos. That is pretty affordable if they would want to have mobile data access again and they get 10 times the amount before. If you have the capacity to pay higher, get the higher mobile data bundles as they have bundles as high as "Big Bytes 999" which provides 5GB of data with unlimited Spinnr streaming. Check out the other Big Bytes packages here >

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