Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How to Watch The Pacquiao vs Mayweather Fight of the Century

One of the most memorable Pacquiao fights for me was the Pacquiao vs Bradley bout. It was not because that Pacquiao lost that time. Nor was it because it was a "controversial" loss leading Bradley to win by split points decision. It was because that was my wedding day. Thank God the fight was done before the ceremony started otherwise, people's mind would have wandered of into deep abyss on that day. I didn't watch the fight that day for obvious reasons.

Other than that, all Pacquiao fights were just normal "exciting" fights. "Oh, Pacquiao is fighting this guy or that", then a string of Pacquiao jokes and comments would follow like, there will be no traffic, crime rate for the fight day would be zilch, or the entire news from all the stations would be talking about the fight. These are all the normal things to expect every Pacquiao fight. (Oh, and Mr Singson playing Pacquiao's shadow after the match.)

But somehow, this Pacquiao - Mayweather fight brings in a different kind of excitement. It's a fight that has been eons in the making. This day, whatever issue the world has will be forgotten for a few hours -- Be it the yaya meal issue in Balesin or as hot as the current political issues. It's a day of peace without even making treaties. It's a day where you can possibly overspeed in EDSA (FYI, EDSA speed limit is 40KPH and no one can even break it because of traffic and because it is not actually enforced), it's a day a lot of friends, families, and even the whole nation gets together -- a unity day of some sorts.

On the digital world, people have been supporting Manny through their small ways by showing their knockout moves with the hashtag #SugodManny. Videos, photos and even words of encouragement which Pacquiao won't even read BUT is essential to lift the "People's Champ" up. It's like being part of a cheerleading team. You won't be recognized if you shout single-handedly but as a group, you'll feel energized by the support the Filipinos and other supporters in the world has to offer so go on, cheer for him using that hashtag.

My normal way would either be look for a free web streaming link to watch the fight and 99.99% ends up disappointing. I once tried to go to a sports bar and it was traffic-free on the way to the venue... until I cannot find a place to seat when I arrived. This time, I will be out that day and this might be the first time I wouldn't want to miss even a single round. Although I have TV Plus installed in my car, I'm sure local television stations will be showing a delayed telecast. I found another way though to watch using my smartphone via the "Viewstream" app. This won't be a delayed telecast with tons of commercial but rather, a LIVE one that is commercial fee. It has a minimal fee of P499 (The cheapest live stream, commercial free so far I've found) that you can pay even if you do not have a credit card. You can just simply deduct it via your prepaid load or charge it to your postpaid bill if you are a Smart, Sun, and Talk n Text subscriber.

I've also heard that you can watch exclusive training footages shot before the fight and watch previous fights of Manny Pacquaio. For me, the LIVE fight itself is worth the P499. I won't bother watching the other free stuff but for hardcore boxing fans, this is something you cannot miss.

Other hardcore boxing fans, specially Manny Pacquiao fans must know:
- There is available exclusive Manny Pacquiao stickers on "Pico Candy", "Viber", "Line", and "WeChat". Just text Manny to 2600 to avail.
- Enjoy exclusive Manny Pacquiao-themed camera templates on the "Camera 360" app.

Here is the download link if you want to watch the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight LIVE:
Viewstream for iOS
Viewstream for Android

So, where do you plan to watch the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight? Share nice spots or good deals you might know of. Or are you also watching it via Viewstream app on either your iOS or Android device? Well, I can't blame you if you will also do that. It's very affordable and you can watch it on-the-go. Want more ways to support Manny Pacquiao? Rally co-supporters and let's unite for Pacman by visiting http://www.smart.com.ph/sugodmanny

*Top-most image came from www.mightyfighter.com

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