Friday, May 8, 2015

Meralco rate down this May! How much will you save?

Usually, when you meet someone first time and you initiate a small talk, you talk about light politics, what they do or the weather. In the Philippines, particularly this summer, weather is not a small talk. From the delivery guy wiping sweat off his head to your friends that seemed to join a wet tshirt competition, it’s sooo hot that it’s a topic on its own! Doesn’t it make you just want to stay at home and hibernate when this hot summer weather ends?
Problem is, your aircon can’t go on 24/7. It can but it entails cost. Aside from the good news that you can freely hope for a cooler weather (as they say, “libre mangarap”), the real good news is that Meralco announced that they will reduce P0.70 per kilowatt hour this month of May 2015! Now that is literally cool!

They are attributing the decrease to the lower spot market charges and cheaper fuel prices that made the electricity generation charge lower. To give you an actual example, residents using 200 kWh will have a bill decrease of P140!

Last month, generation charge decreased by P0.60 per kWh. It was also because of the lower charges from the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) and Independent Power Producers (IPP). I’m pointing this out because of two things. One, Meralco is passing on the savings to us when they are saving. Two is, unlike what some of us think, they are not fuel prices that go down 10 centavos and go up 1 peso. Well, to be fair to them, fuel prices are also low right now, and this is part of the reason why our electricity charge from Meralco also went down. There are also other reasons but it’s to technical to discuss here like the improved utilization of the QPPL powerpplant etc. but it is important to also know that Meralco doesn’t earn from pass-through charges such as the generation and transmission charges. They are literally just “passing-through” the and is paid to the respective suppliers.

Electrical Safety Month
It’s funny that a lot of us knows about Fire Prevention Month but for folks like me, Electrical Safety Month is unknown. The Philippine Government has declared the month of May as the Electrical Safety Month. The aim for this is to raise public awareness and educate consumers on the proper use of electrical appliances and devices to prevent electricity-related accidents. To get tips, just go to or visit their Facebook page at They also have a twitter account if you want to reach them, @Meralco

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Roj BeraƱa said...

it's not because of the dual sim. it's because of how the mobile os (iOS vs android) handles the hardware. no doubt iOS is more efficient in handling the resources.

Anonymous said...

actually hindi ko pansin yung savings ko, since most of the time naka aircon kami ngayon sa bahay sa sobrang init. pero considering na naka aircon kami most of time unlike dati masasabi ko na nakakatipid na kami

Anonymous said...

well actually sa sobrang init ng panahon most of the time naka tambay ako sa mall

homer said...

base sa sample picture, around 208.62