Thursday, June 25, 2015

iflix: Philippine's Largest Library of Movies and TV Series [Entertainment Everywhere from Smart and PLDT Home]

One of my guilty pleasures, admittedly, is splurging on video streaming services like Netflix. Thing is, I need to also subscribe to a VPN service just to be able to watch it. For my Netflix, I pay around $8.99 a month and for my VPN, I pay around $6. That itself would amount to already $15. Converting that to Peso, it would be roughly 680 pesos. For weeks that I am very busy, I don't get to open it even once. It's a bit of waste if you think about it. As soon as I heard about iflix, I cancelled my Netflix subscription and from 680 pesos, my monthly cost for this guilty pleasure of mine now costs just 99 pesos. That's 85% savings! Thanks to Smart and PLDT Home for this great deal! It's really entertainment everywhere!

I've already tried iflix in almost all the possible devices -- laptop (Windows and Mac), mobile phones (iOS and Android) and it worked flawlessly. iflix also has servers locally and that will be an advantage to us.

For just P99 a month (for Smart, Sun, and PLDT Home subscribers), up to 5 users can enjoy iflix's entire collection everywhere they go. As long as you have your internet connection and the device you can watch iflix with, you're good to go! This is really entertainment everywhere!

If you just want to just try it out first before subscribing, head on over to and avail of their free trial of the full service! Unlike other sites, no credit cards are required for availing the free trial. This is a good option as well because not a lot of people here in the Philippines are comfortable using their credit cards online. Speaking of using credit cards online, that is an additional perk for being a Smart subscriber! You can charge your iflix subscription to your mobile plan! This eliminates the need to use your credit card online, perfect for those paranoid about online credit card security.

Another great feature I didn't see with my previous video streaming provider is the ability to download** the movies you want to watch so you can watch it at a later time. This is a nice additional feature because it's not like you can have internet access all the time! Perfect for those waiting times, on the plane, or wherever it is not possible to get internet connection.
(**Soon to come)

To be more specific on the devices that can run iflix, check out the specs you need below:
PC: Windows 7 and Windows 8*
Mac: OSX and above*
Android: 4.3 and above
iOS: iPhone 5 and above, iOS 7 and above

*Some browsers may require Microsoft Silverlight to be installed.

Another important feature is continuity. This is specially useful for those who watch iflix on multiple devices. For example, you are watching at home on your big screen TV via an Android box and suddenly, you need to go, say for example, to a bank. You can watch your iflix show on your phone and continue where you left of while waiting in the bank! Nice, right? You can also view a history of the movies you've watched, as well as create a playlist for those movies you might want to watch later while you still remember it. Perfect for people who are forgetful like me!

There are still some restrictions though that the iflix team is currently working on. One of which is watching in HD. Netflix has this service but I usually just watch in normal mode. It is automatically adjusted depending on your internet speed and I have no complains not being able to watch in HD. It can be an additional perk though.

Anyway, enough of the talk and I want you to experience iflix as well! Take advantage of their FREE full service trial for 14 days! Check out! If you decide to subscribe, don't forget to use your Smart, Sun or PLDT Home account to be able to avail of the discounted rate! Enjoy watching!

Check out this article to get a step-by-step look on how to register on iflix and how to get a discounted rate for your subscription!

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