Saturday, August 15, 2015

Smart Bro X Travel Factor: FREE Internet Connection on your Trips!

Good news for those who love to share and travel! Smart Bro is making that easier now with their tie-up with Travel Factor, the country's foremost and known adventure travel company. They are known not only to bring you to adventure travel destinations, but also to provide the best experience starting from the very beginning.

Participants gets immersed with culture and real life experience from the very start. They get to ride the public transport going to their destination and public transport again around where they are. Rest assured that safety is their top priority and they have everything planned and arranged beforehand. No more worrying about getting tickets, checking transport schedules and more. Let them worry about that!

With this partnership, their upping their game by proving FREE internet access on selected trips via Smart Bro Pocket WiFi. This is backed by more than 10,000 4G LTE sites nationwide! There's no doubt that the leader in wireless can easily provide this service! I've personally experienced it on land, sea, and air! No kidding! If you've noticed, the announcement in some airlines now require you to just put your phones in silent mode and prohibiting you to make calls. That's it! So one time, I tried to use data and lo and behold! I have data up in the air! That's what you call wide coverage!

I know I've already blogged this somewhere but I also experienced dolphin spotters in Bohol using cellular network to alert each other. Same thing in Donsol where they call other boats for Whale Shark spotting. The one thing in common is not the phone they use, but the network they trust to provide and deliver. I was not a Smart user back then when this happened but after hearing about this powerful network, it's a no brainer decision to switch. I've no regrets back then up to present.

With Travel Factor (I've never traveled with them yet), participants can enjoy and share their moments in an instant because of this partnership. Also, participants get 20% discounts for those joining selected trip and get a fully loaded goodie bag as well! Not only that, participants get a chance to win their very own Smart Bro Pocket WiFi!

Smart Bro devices are available for as low as only P1,495
For more information, visit

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