Friday, December 4, 2015

How to get 20% Discount on Trail Adventours Package with your Smart Bro

If you love the outdoors, specifically hikes and expeditions, Smart Bro has got the ultimate treat for your trip! Just recently, Smart Bro officially launched their partnership with Trail Adventours, the premier adventure group specializing in guiding you conquer the country's breathtaking peaks!

To date, they are offering over 40 expert-guided hikes and still exploring more new routes for everyone to enjoy! With their partnership with Smart Bro, you can get freebies and discounts when taking their Smart Bro sponsored trip! If you are interested to avail of the discount, check out the simple instructions below:

1) Visit
2) Choose your adventure
3) Sign-up and pay the downpayment of 60%. Next steps will come out after accomplishing the reservation form
4) On the day of the trip, show them your Smart Bro 4G or Smart Bro LTE pocket WiFi and you automatically only pay 20% of the remaining balance. The rest of the 20% is your discount! If you do not have your Smart Bro pocket WiFi with you, you will have to pay your remaining balance of 40%.
Remember, discount only applies 1:1. One Smart Bro pocket WiFi = 1 discount. If there are 5 of you wanting to avail the discount, each of you should have a Smart Bro pocket WiFi. Mechanics are easy peasy!

What are you waiting for? Book your trips and share your experiences using your Smart Bro pocket WiFi!

For more info, you can visit:

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