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Hong Kong Disneyland 10th Anniversary and Christmas 2015 Photos (with expert tips)

We visited Hong Kong Disneyland a few weeks back and I'd like to share with you the photos I took from Asia's only Disney theme park! I've been to HKDL several times already but no doubt, the best time to visit the theme park is during Christmas season. The decorations all over the park itself is a sight to enjoy already and the festive mood is heightened.

This time, we also enjoyed a lot of special treats as HKDL is celebrating their 10th anniversary! There are also new attractions for everyone to enjoy like the "Mickey and the wondrous book" show, 10th anniversary special merchanise items, Frozen Christmas tree lighting ceremony and more! Anyway, let me show you some shots I took during my visit.

(Also, there is now free WiFi throughout the park! This started around November 17 and good thing my visit was on Nov 22 and 23! We get to enjoy free WiFi, and even in our Disney hotel stay, there is free WiFi!)

Enjoy the photos of some Starwars merchandise, Disney plush toys, theme park Christmas decorations, and more!

Here are some extra tips for you from a seasoned Hong Kong Disneyland visitor:

1) If you want to know when Hong Kong Disneyland puts up their Christmas decorations, it's always around the third week of November. They don't announce this in advance because people might prefer going when the decorations are already up. Before planning our visit this year, I did a Google search about Hong Kong Disneyland's Christmas announcement and the pattern was around third week of November, and I was right!

2) Out of all my visits to this theme park, half of those are spent staying overnight in Disney's Hollywood hotel. For the times that we aren't staying in one of the Disney hotels and we want to rest a bit, you can head on over to the buses that shuttles passenger to Disney hotels. Get on the bus and go down in one of the hotels. No identification or ticket needed. I did that once to rest in the lobby of Disneyland hotel and freshened up before heading back to the park. If your folks are already tired, they can do this as well. There are great restaurants and lounges inside both Hollywood hotel and Disneyland hotel.

3) A new Ironman attraction is currently being built right beside Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blaster attraction. Not sure when this will be finished but make sure to check on updates. I once went here a few years back and it was the preview opening day of Mystic Manor. It was frustrating that you can see media people invited and you can't even just take a photo of it. Make sure you adjust your visit if you are targeting to visit a new attraction and check if it's open to the public already.

4) Staying at the hotel? Better take advantage of the buffet breakfast. Although usually not included in the hotel stay price, you can opt for a late breakfast and make this as your brunch since the food inside the theme park isn't as good and is expensive. Might as well get a heavy meal first so you can just have snacks later on in the park.

5) After the fireworks, everyone will want to do some souvenir shopping. It's going to be really crowded! Here's what you do so you can shop peacefully. If you notice, the shops along the Mainstreet are all interconnected. What you do is you enter at the end most part (nearest the castle, across Main Street corner cafe). Stay and roam around there. Don't go to the next section. You'll know you're in the next section because the theme is different and the walkway from one shop to another is narrower. After a while, you'll notice the crowd thinning. Why? Those guests leaving and going to the next section will be stopped and prevented to go back to the previous section because it's closing time already. This way, you can shop leisurely.

6) For those with kids, strollers are available for rent but I think bringing your own stroller is better but not exactly convenient if you are taking the MTR or bus. It will have more pockets and hooks to hang your things PLUS, you don't get confused as there are stroller parking areas in front of rides and restaurants where there will be times that it will seem like all the strollers in the world are parked where you are going. Yes, you can bring your own stroller inside. Even baby food and water.

7) The best food I tried was at Royal Banquet hall (Near Philharmagic) where I had a roast duck meal. The burgers in the park isn't for everyone. Overall, you have to find what you like and what you will enjoy and lower your standards a bit but prepare a bigger budget.

8) This specific tip might be useless during public holidays but we've noticed that there are rides that are almost empty on the later part of the afternoon. Our Space Mountain ride around 6-7pm had no line at all. Same thing with "Small World" where the supposedly 5-minute wait was instead a 5-minute walk around the maze inside the Small World ride. This happened on a Sunday. Since we had a 2-day pass, we tried to line-up again the next day since our kid liked it and assuming that no one wants to ride Small World anymore. We were wrong this time. We waited around 30 minutes for a Small World ride. It was around 3pm that time.

9) If possible, don't bring your luggages. They can't enter the park. If it's not avoidable, there are storage areas for them. Also, don't bring your "selfie stick". It's banned across all Disney parks around the world. You can request to just bring it in but just don't use it.

10) Check at the ticket booth for promos and discounts. Since we got a 2-day pass, we only paid around 700hkd++. A one day pass will already cost you over 500 HKD. If you are expecting to go to the park 3 times in a year, just get the annual pass. It costs around960 HKD only. Double check for day and date restrictions.

11) Last but not the least, if you want to enjoy watching the fireworks in a peaceful and relaxing way, without all the reserving of spots and all the hassle in the world, AND you are booking a room in the Disney hotel, book a park view room then before the fireworks start, open your curtains to watch and switch your TV to a certain channel (It will be indicated in your room. I've tried this already). This way, you can listen the music choreographed with the fireworks like the one you can hear from the park and enjoy watching the fireworks at the comfort of your own room.

That's it so far! I'm visiting Universal Studios Singapore soon and I'll be posting the Christmas theme USS photos here in my blog as well. Let me know if you have further questions by commenting below.

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