Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Smart Bro Gadget Plus Plans (For Kids)

This might be the first postpaid plan in the market where the target market are kids. I've never heard of such before but, it's about time because kids nowadays are so technologically savvy. They are so techy that it has surprised us, adults, as to how much they already know about the advanced world we are living in today. Heck, even my 18-month kid knows how to operate my iPhone already -- no kidding!

As expected, the plans are affordable ones, catering just for the needs of your kids with ample amount of allocated data and comes with nice shiny gadgets. For instance, at Smart Bro Plan 599, you'll already get 2 units of Acer Iconia One 7 AND a Smart Bro Pocket WiFi. Data allocation for Plan 599 is at 1.7GB per month with extra 1.1GB data allocation for iFlix, Fox, Spinnr. Best of all, there is no cash out for this postpaid plan at 24 months lock-in!

Prefer a flashier device? The Smart Bro Plan 899 will give you the same allocation of data as Plan 599 BUT, you'll get an Apple iPad Mini 2 16GB as the device! It's just adding 300 pesos a month from Plan 599 and you'll already have a nice shiny brand new Apple device.

If you are eyeing on more data, the Smart Bro Plan 999 will fit you perfectly. With 2.25GB data allocation per month and an additional 1.1GB for iFlix, Fox, Spinnr use, you'll definitely love and enjoy this package to the fullest! Not only that, you'll also get a Hoverboard and a free Smart Bro LTE Pocket WiFi!

Last but not the least but the most economical, is the Smart Bro Plan 399. It comes with the Lenovo Tab 2 A730 (3G) PLUS 750MB of data and the same 1.1GB allocation for iFlix, Fox, and Spinnr! Also, no cash out for this or any other plans mentioned here. Just 24 months lock-in.

As I've said just a few moments ago, my 1 and a half year old kid already knows how to operate my iPhone. Take photos, watch videos, look at photos in the gallery etc. The only time he'll return it to me is when the phone receives a call or it gets locked with the passcode. He'll cry if the latter happens and will hand it back to me for unlocking! Anyway, Smart also released a cute video of kids doing gadget unboxing. I hope my kid will also love blogging next time and maybe we'll also do some unboxing of our own. Enjoy the video below!

Kids unboxing the Acer Iconie One 7 video

Little girl unboxing the Apple iPad Mini 2

Little girl does a first impression video of the Lenovo Tab 2 A370

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