Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Smart Unveils the Most Competitve Plan for the iPhone SE

Having done comparisons year after year on which phone to get on what plan, this year, Smart has announced a plan for the iPhone SE which I don't need to do any comparisons anymore. This is because they have announced a competitive plan for the new iPhone SE that is clearly better than any other offers we have here in the Philippines.

FREE at Plan 1500 (under a 30-month contract), Smart announced that they are providing the iPhone for free BUT that is not yet the icing on top of the cake. The good news about it is in the plan inclusions. Yes, the phone is good in itself but is pretty much useless to use without mobile data. With the Plan 1500,
* No cash outs (+200/mo for Globe Plan 1499)
* Smart data allocation 8GB vs Globe data allocation of 3GB
* 60-minutes ALL network calls for Smart while unlimited Globe-to-Globe/TM calls for Globe
* 120 ALL network texts for Smart while unlimited Globe-to-Globe/TM SMS for Globe

Is 8GB of data enough?
If you ask me, it is more than enough for mobile data use. If you always tether your smartphone to your laptop, it might not be enough. There's free WiFi all over the metro now so no need to worry. 3GB of data is a little lacking in my opinion if I were to base it on my usage. Mobile data alone, I average 5-6GB per month.

Calls and SMS, which is a better offer?
It depends. I would still prefer an all network offer for flexibility. For the SMS, I seldom reach 200-300 SMS a month so an unlimited offer might be useless, specially if it is only Globe-Globe/TM. For calls, still, flexibility wins.

At the end of the day, you still choose which network you prefer. We are just here to tell you which offers the better deal. You be the judge. Can't wait to do an iPhone SE review!

Disclaimer: Smart is an advertiser in this blog. Sentiments are my own. Facts and figures above are sourced from their respective brands.

If you want to pre-order from Smart, check out this link:

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