Monday, August 1, 2016

3 Nostalgic Games That Brings You Back to the Past (and where to download them)

Being born in the 80's, we passed through the times when computers were just being commercialized. Not everyone had a computer at home but during the 90's, things changed. The "green screen" filled with codes and fonts slowly became colored with user interface. Games went from words to pixels and now, super duper HHHD graphics! I can't believe that nowadays, my cousin recommended that when I get a monitor, I should be looking for ~1MS response rate and this high resolution etc. This is gaming now.

But going back, I'm sure you'd agree that times were simpler. Games were not that high definition but we did play it for long hours. I remember going to computer shops just to play with my friends because not all had internet back then. There would be "LAN" parties where you guys would meet and play. Some of my favorites were Red Alert, Warcraft, Dune, Transport Tycoon, etc.

Good news! I found a site that hosts them! I tried installing to see if it works or if it contains any malicious files but after installing, I found out it was clean and playable just like before! I'd like to share them with you below. They even created a server for some of the old games like Red Alert in case you want to play with someone else that can be located anywhere in the world!

Red Alert 1
Classic, realistic strategy war game! Choose your side. Either you are Allied or Soviet. This brings back a lot of memories! As kids I remember getting to only play this during weekends. Who says "adult-ing" sucks? This is one of the benefits! Play whenever you want. :)

If you click on the link above, you can also download the following games:
Dune 2000
Command & Conquer
Tiberian Sun
Red Alert 2
Yuri's Revenge

What's great about CNCnet is that they even provide updates up to now! Plus, they host tournaments from time to time (saw it in their updates).

Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness
Another awesome classic game. Without doing a search on the internet, how many cheat codes can you remember? Well, I remember "itisagooddaytodie" and you go beast mode on your opponents! It became an instant hit in 1995 and this Blizzard game even had a movie this year (which I wasn't able to watch)!

Since this is a DOS game, when you download it from that site, it will come pre-packed with a DOS emulator. Just click and launch. Also, another thing I can't get over with is the file size of these games. It is what I can call tiny. 15MB for this Warcraft game? Even the cheapest smartphones right now has 4GB worth of storage!

Also, from that website, you can download the following games as well:
Heroes of Might and Magic II
Sid Meier's Civilization II
Scorched Earth
and lots and lots more!

Transport Tycoon Deluxe
Microprose? Ring a bell? Remember the music that can easily be a background music to everything and anything? I found complete tracks of Transport Tycoon music on Youtube! Over an hour of Transport Tycoon music goodness!

For the game itself, it is addicting! Here's why I love this game. NO GAME YET has been better that is similar from what Transport Tycoon has made. Imagine, the graphic is so 90s but when you play it, it still gets you playing for hours.

I placed the download link for the Mac and PC version above but you know what's better? This full game is also available on iOS! I spend hours and hours during my free time playing this game and it still makes me happy! The full game in iOS is around $6.99 and it is worth every single penny. At first, I had a hard time playing it on my phone. I realized that I needed to watch the tutorials first and after that, I'm playing this game just as I did before!

There is a lite version on iOS if you want to try it first:
Full version -
Lite version -

These are just some of the games we played during the 90s! What's your favorite game? Share it with us and maybe you also have an idea where others can play that game too! Leave us a comment below.

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