Thursday, October 16, 2008

Moscow retired PNP scandal - 6.9 million pesos?

Of course, not a day goes without something new in politics. This is why foreigners love to retire here. There is excitement everyday. Remember Trillanes and his Manila Peninsula seige? A foreigner living in a nearby village was interviewed and he said something like, he is living in Manila because of the excitement that happens day by day.

Of course, this might seem like a TV series in real life, affecting real people but, at the end of the day, they are not affected and we, the citizens are the ones directly affected.
*If you are a retired gov't employee, one benefit is you can go to Moscow using people's taxes! -Travel now!

Now, what is a retired PNP official doing in Moscow attending the INTERPOL conference having 6.9 Million pesos?

There are only 2 ways to look at it. One, you can say that it is realy just a contingency fund for the whole entourage and 2nd, there might be something fishy behind it.

If you ask me personally, I would think that the latter part is more plausible. Why? There are several reasons:

1. If they all have pocket money already (Yes, courtesy of the government. I mean, our taxes) what is the contingency plan for? Are they "expecting" something to happen that is worth that amount?

2. Why is there a "retired" PNP official in the entourage and a follow-up question there is, why would we pay (yes-- us, using our taxes) for someone who isn't working for the government anymore to go to Moscow to attend a conference?

3. If the effectivity of his retirement was in the middle of the trip, shouldn't they have anticipated that? Can't they count days?

4. Why did they not declare the 6.9 million pesos?

5. Last but not the least, are you sure PNP or the government isn't covering up for him or should I say, protecting him for having such a big amount coming from somewhere because it was paid to him by the government for some "task" he did?

Well, we all know that people make mistakes but that mistake is something that people cannot miss. I am pretty sure that carrying 6.9 million pesos is something that you cannot forget that you are carrying with you, unless you don't know that it is with you.

Something is "fish-ier" if that's the case.