Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Have you eaten a salisbury steak and carbonara this good?

If you think you've tasted them all, then, I will tell you right now that you haven't yet tasted this one!

Carbonara and Salisbury steak can be just the "Carbonara" and "Salisbury Steak" you've known and tasted over and over in different restaurants. But mind you.. this fastfood is changing the food you thought you knew before.

Red Ribbon recently introduced an addition to their menu.

The 100% all-beef salisbury steak and the more delectable creamy carbonara!

When I first saw the steak, I was thinking like how the rest of us would think. The salisbury steak is just a salisbury steak until you get to taste it and savour it!!! Believe me, you wouldn't miss their salisbury steak for the world. It's actually a must eat like their famous palabok!!!
...and if my tongue could get starstrucked? It actually would after I've tasted their "made more delectable" creamy carbonara!

I can say that I know my food because I am a semi-food blogger and we eat out a lot. I could get tons of people to attest to that!

Before they introduced those, I have always ordered their Palabok regular meal with drinks and a slice of cake whenever I grab my quick lunch or hold my meetings in one of their many Red Ribbon branches. The palabok is still my favorite and I guess my personal favorite would have a competitor now and what better way to finish a meal than to have a slice of cookies and cream with oreo? One word -- Perfect!

Why not try their new 100% all-beef salisbury steak and creamy carbonara now to comprehend what I am saying firsthand?

For more information, you can always visit their site: Red Ribbon Bakeshop
Also, you might want to try out their new sugar-free mamon!