Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fundacion Pacita Nature Lodge - Batanes

From Basco Airport to Fundacion Pacita

As we went out of Basco Airport, staff from Fundacion Pacita holding placards with my name on it welcomed us warmly. After retrieving our luggages, they helped us carry it to Fundacion Pacita's service van. A Toyota Hi-ace van. Probably the only newest van model in the entire island.

En-route to Fundacion Pacita, your heart will beat fast as the roads there are narrow and without borders - those afraid of heights are not advised to look out of the window :)

Fundacion Pacita - Luxury Terrace Suite
There are two balconies in the Luxury Terrace Suite of Fundacion Pacita. This is the smaller balcony.
Right above the balcony is the dining area of Fundacion Pacita. If there will be other guests, be aware that they can see you in your balcony from the dining area.
This is the view from our balcony.
Sunrise from our balcony
This is the master bedroom. 1 of the 2 rooms in the Luxury Terrace Suite
This is the second bedroom

Fundacion Pacita Common Area
The living room where the flat screen TV is located. They usually play music there but you can watch a movie from a selection of DVDs they have (DiBiDi).
The dining area with an amazing view. This shot was taken at night that's why the amazing view is not visible.
In the morning, this is the amazing view I was talking about above.
(The above coffee is from Starbucks. It's the Starbucks VIA Ready Brew)
The flat screen television and some DVDs
This sofa is comfy. It will encourage you to situp straight,
More shots in the living area of Fundacion Pacita
Fundacion Pacita Main Building Door
Entrance of Fundacion Pacita (Main Building)
Artwork of Pacita Abad at the entrance of Fundacion Pacita (Main Building)
Artwork of Pacita Abad at the entrance of Fundacion Pacita (Main Building)
Pathway to and fro the Main Building (Morning shot)
Pathway to and fro the Main Building (Night shot)
Rest house of Secretary Abad
Fundacion Pacita - Night shot
Fundacion Pacita - Morning shot
Our first Batanes breakfast - Continental Breakfast (Jam, tuna spread, eggs, bread and coffee, tea or hot chocolate)
Our last dinner at Fundacion Pacita - Soup
Our last dinner at Fundacion Pacita -Roasted Chicken w/ Buttered Vegetables and Gabi Chips
I got traumatized by this dessert when I was still a kid. I think it's called "Maha-Blanca".
Starbucks Coffee in Batanes - Never be without great coffee

Fundacion Pacita Office
Before leaving Fundacion Pacita
How Fundacion Pacita looks across the island



Claire said...

Just looking at your photos makes me want to hop on a quick vacation! Fundacion Pacita really made the most of the great views available to the place. Thanks for sharing.

Cheftonio said...


Yes, definitely worth every penny! :) You're welcome.

Iya said...

I went here mid 2010 and I plan to return again after looking at your photos!

Your room possibly has the best view of the island, privacy, peace and quiet, large and comfortable.

I hope I'll have enough budget set aside for a holy week stay there.

Cheftonio said...

Thank Iya! Yes, really comfy and homey-feel rooms. That's what you get at Fundacion :)

Guys, I posted the food we ate there... check out: