Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Jabra Wireless Earbuds Honest review — WARNING!

It’s been a while since I blogged because honestly, I stopped blogging already. BUT, this incident deserves an entry!

Last July 2021, I bought 2 Jabra Elite Active 65T s earbuds. Bought both units brand new! One is copper black and another is copper blue. Since I was using another set of wireless earbuds, I first kept it.

A few months after, I decides to use the Jabra. It was still sealed so I opened it. Opened the copper black first. Lo and behold! It is not switching on! The charging case was working because it has lights. Used the computer to charge it as instructed. The earbuds is not responding at all. 

Did everything as instructed. Fully charged it, did reset etc but the earbuds was not responding at all. No lights or anything! Did some research and found that a lot of similar incidents occured.

I thought it was just a coincidence so I opened my copper blue pair! Lucky me? 2 of 2 brand new Jabra earbuds not working!!!

Maybe if I bought 3, it would be 3 of 3 not working! What kind of quality control does Jabra have? Brand new units not working!  Such a waste of money. 

Here’s the “best” part:
Jabra online support is inexistent. They will not change it or act on your issue. You are on your own. They are asking me to return it to a US address but I am now in the Philippines!

They want me to send it over to US or Europe and pay postage of $70 usd. That is as good as buying a new pair! They are out of their minds! 

If you’re Jabra Elite Active 65t is not working and you have a fix or work around, do tell me because right now, this item is as good as trash. Their products are so trashy I needed to write a blog about it. 

Don’t even think of saying “why didn’t I approach the Jabra Philippines distributor?”. I did. Same as their mother company, they are not helpful at all. 

In one sentence, if you buy Jabra and you get lucky, you are on your own.   Stay away from Jabra products!

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