Monday, January 1, 2007

Cheftonio Ads

Cheftonio Ads - Up today, May 26, 2009!

To everyone who is interested to put up ads here in my humble blog page, feel free to contact me via email at

No, I am not seeking monetary payment (but again, I am not declining such). We can work out ex-deals and what have we nots.

You'll be impressed at the traffic you would get if you put up your ads here. Why not try it? :)

2 ad types as of the moment:

1) Small Side Bar ads

2) Long Bottom page ad

Heck, I might even make you an ad for free if you have no time!

For questions, feel free to email me at

I am Cheftonio. I am a chef who can't cook rice. Actually, I can but, there would be two possible outcomes. 1. Rice 2. Porridge :)


Anonymous said...

Hello Chef Tonio :). I read your very impressive comments on Cesca Wine Cafe located in Q.C. May I add this info as well, if you don't mind. Architect Francis Ong is not the sole owner of Cesca, but this elegant restaurant is actually the brainchild of one of the 3 owners, PERRY QUIMBO of Bugsy's Bar & Bistro & Kabisero spicy BBQ in Pasig.

Chef Tonio said...


Yes I know that and Arch Francis Ong also disclosed those information to us. :)

Thanks for commenting :)