Thursday, March 29, 2007

Philippine election season... a bad thing?

Elections in the Philippines. the campaigns. the give aways. the promises.

Just yesterday, there was a hostage situation in front of the Manila City hall. could this be a part of some of the running officials strategy? In the Philippines, election time has different effects to the people. for the have-a-lots, it just means, "hey, this senator is soliciting for his/her campaign. he/she promises protection or favors if he/she wins." how about haves? "Oh no, tis the season of kidnapping, carnapping... all the pings you could ever think." commoners, wont have much problem, except the small time crimes like stick-ups, snatchers and other common crimes happening in the metro everyday. for the have nots, it only means one thing for them. one word, "free". its the time of the year where running officials will give free shirts, food and other campaign stuffs for, of course, free!

for the general population, whichever class they belong to, they will be bombarded with promises that we know, are just promises. like this candidate and his TV ad, didnt they study what the impact would be on the general population? it might be good because people remember it but the meaning just isnt right. the TV ad said, "pangarap kong tuparin ang pangarap niyo." in english, "its my hope to make your dreams come true." something like that. so, will it just be his/her hope?

This coming elections, vote wisely. every election, we hear that. make this a different one. how? hmm, maybe, for starters, i saw this site. its at in there you can see politicians and users own written comments. you can even vote for the senatoriables you favor in there.

its actually cool. i saw that site a few days ago and i encourage people to put comments in that site to increase the voters knowledge regarding the people they plan to vote this coming may elections 2007.

see you there at the site. Votester!