Friday, March 30, 2007

Election related crimes

Just a few minutes ago, someone texted me about a carjacking incident in Banawe QC. I disregarded it at first then, i checked news websites to see if the news was true. to my surprise, it was already posted in abscbn news online flash report. not just only one incident. but two! the two incidents includes several armed men and a toyota innova as their escape vehicle. In banawe, a Nissan Xtrail was taken while in Visayas ave, a Honda CRV was carjacked.

a few weeks ago, Toyota fortuner was carjackers/carnappers vehicle of choice because there was also news that, its gonna be used for campaigning in the provinces. Why fortuners? its good enough to climb uphills, big enough to pass through anything. i guess since they really need cars fast, they are targeting SUVs like CRV and xtrail because its also good enough for those terrains.

as i said in my post yesterday, its a season for pings. and today, as usual, "nag-dilang anghel nanaman ako. lagi naman ako ganon." it happend.

for more information about the carjacking incident, click here

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