Saturday, March 31, 2007

Different strategies, different styles...

I was just wondering if the girl nabbed earlier for shabu possesion was election related... it might, but also, it might not be.

actually, it might not be because, it was only worth 2 million pesos. but, if she was the only one nabbed and the others got away with it, lets say, about 4 or 5 of them. 10 million pesos worth? hmmm.. its possible that its also election related.

if you want to know my stand in the elections, government or whatever, im neutral. as in neutral. im not even a registered voter. i never voted. this blog is just something i want to do. its not easy to register for the elections. you have to line up and etc...

what else? oh! not election related... i returned the p990i i purchased because it was defective. WARNING TO P990i buyers or Sony Ericsson buyers! if you are going to use that phone in the Philippines with sun cellular, dont buy "Swisscom" marked phones. sun cellular wont work there. now, i dont know what to buy.

somebody also suggested not to buy nokia n73 black edition. it keeps on "hanging-up" or always "stucks up". i want to buy a new phone because my phone is already 2 years old. no phone has stayed with me longer than 1 year. I used my p910i for 2 years already. thats something else.

for the news regarding the girl that was nabbed click here -> abs-cbn news

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