Sunday, April 1, 2007

We need?

Last 2 weeks, i watched the movie "inconvenient Truth". I am not endorsing senatoriables here or other officials running in this May elections, but we really need someone who can do something about global warming. If you havent watched Inconvenient truth, watch it. If you do, like me, you would already know that its already happening. it is not a joke. it is happening.

A few days ago, there was some tornadoes that killed people in different states in the US. might be common there but, if you watched inconvenient truth, they set a world record of the consecutive tornadoes. global warming effects includes, high floods, tsunamis (like in phuket) and etc.

Evidence in the Philippines? there are few or almost none in the Philippines. last year, one struck somewhere in the south. i think its a golf club. this morning, one struck again in Sarangani.

It might be too late but there is still chance. improvements should begin from us, not from the governemnt.

News regarding the tornado -> Tornado

For more info about the movie Inconvenient truth, pls search google.