Monday, April 2, 2007

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Its just not gonna stop until election stops... last night, a candidate bet was killed in whiteplains qc inside his fortuner suv. this is the reality of politics in the Philippines. ( dont worry investors or tourists, they only kill political candidates. ) just this morning, i read an article about a mayoralty candidate surviving and assasination attempt in Masbate.

this is the reason why Philippines is still a 3rd world right now. always big-eat-small. what happens is, the rich get richer, the poor becomes poorer, and same with power. the person who has more power kills their threats.

election is more than one month away. if one politician is killed per day, we dont want to know if there would still be politicians running. those killed are often, has something to do with changing the way the government runs, or maybe, he/she knows something that people should not know.

if you want to live a longer life, a happy one. you know what not to do.

more info about:
the candidate killed in white plains here -> Whiteplains killing
the ambush here -> Ambush news


Anonymous said...

yea... politicians should do somethin bout it