Tuesday, April 3, 2007

there are ways...

A lot of it. if you want to be known, you have to be creative. run and win.

last night, an actress/politician was the latest one to make news. click here for the story. -> details

an example last week was, Ducat. several politicians took advantage. its not far from reality that one day, Ducat would run for something politicaly related. well, Ducat said he really called up Bong. How about Chavit? other countries are laughing at us on the way we handle crisis.

we always watch movies with hostage situations. Also watched actual live coverage from cnn. we see how they handle crisis. they know crisis management. oh! Philippines was also live on CNN when the Ducat incident happend.

Why did they laugh at us? the Hostage taker was holding a grenade and was armed with someone else also armed. 2 politicians climbed inside the bus. they were not supposed to negotiate, instead, the police should. now, Ducat is well-known enough to run. I doubt that the world knows Bong better than Ducat now. CNN flashed Ducat's name on the station but when Bong was in the picture, there were no names displayed.

another example years ago. oakwood mutiny. Now there is proof. Trillanes is running for senator.

you want to run? be creative. but please, dont use the Philippines name to make you well-known.