Sunday, May 13, 2007


Philippines put Military and police on alert as voters prepared for national elections tomorrow, May 14 2007 following a season of killings of more than 110 people.

Police put the official death toll from the three-month campaign period at 113.

It will be challenging for them tomorrow because some 45 million Filipinos are expected to vote.

Ang KAPATIRAN senatorial candidate Manolo Dayrit described the Parish Pastoral Council on Responsible Voting (PPCRV) as a critical arm to combat cheating in the polls.

Counting the votes tomorrow will be the highlight after voters vote. PPCRV will be watching closely as volunteers gaurd and secure to make sure everything will be okay as long as its in their control. other election violence that cant be handled by PPCRV or poll watchers will be handled by higher authorities.

as for the quick count tomorrow, visit Votester to be updated on the net