Sunday, May 6, 2007

crimes ending soon...?

There has been already a lot of election related crimes. its going to be hard to prove already to the international community that we can make this a peaceful election. countless political related killings, and election related incidents.

Although lots of crimes are happening here, im amazed that Texas instruments invested a big amount of money here in the Philippines. that just means, our election related crimes is not that bad and, i think is going to end soon. although compared to chinas $70 billion last year and $2 billion last year in the Philippines, i still think its a good start.

( more here on the texas instrument investment. )

Votester - list of candidates and more info

Amid the rising incidents of election-related violence, MalacaƱang urged the public and political candidates to rise to the occasion and show before the international community that the country is capable of holding an honest and peaceful elections on May 14.