Wednesday, May 9, 2007

What is the point?

Dont that partylist - batas have any other strategies left to make themselves known? What they did yesterday was selfish. To satisfy their interests, you did a lot of damages to the city.

That traffic jam, which was really heavy because of that motorcade was not a nice idea in my opinion.

1. Busineses would be affected in the areas you caused that traffic.*

2. Business meetings would also be affected and might be the cause of some deals to be not made.*

3. Air pollution increase.*

4. Emergency service vehicles would be stucked and might be the cause of some lives. although we know that its traffic everyday, that was an unnecessary traffic just to let Guiness** know you can beat the other country.(e.g. ambulance, firetrucks)*

5. Some of the participants have work. It might be their choice to join and support but that will affect the company they are working for thus, inefficiency will arise.***

6. Because of that incident, many people who would have voted for that partylist, might not vote them anymore because of the trouble they caused.****

* >>> Motorists, however, said that the caravan did nothing good because it only caused a huge traffic jam that delayed their travel. -from ABS-CBN news website, Paragraph 2 <<<

** >>> The caravan was part of the group's "miting de avance" for its campaign in the party-list system of elections and at the same time, an attempt to set a new record on the most number of motorists joining a car parade. -from ABS-CBN news website, Paragraph 4 <<<

*** >>> “We were able to muster 6, 100, more or less, and then marami pa 'yung pumapasok, galing ng iba pang probinsya (More joined in from the provinces),” an organizer said. -from ABS-CBN news website, Paragraph 7 <<<

**** >>> Motorists, on the other hand, said the group's message might have fallen on deaf ears because of the traffic jam caused by the caravan. -from ABS-CBN news website, Paragraph 10 <<<