Thursday, May 10, 2007

What people can't do on May 14 - Important!!!

What people can't do on May 14 - Important!!!

1. Campaigns shall stop/cease/end/itigil at the midnight of May 12 2007

2. No one may give away campaign paraphernalia before and on the day of the elections, including but not limited to food, money, drinks, fliers, sample ballots, tshirts, caps, and wearing of such stuffs like, but not limited to, tshirts, caps, vests, jackets, or anything that is considered campaign paraphernalias.

3. Putting up stalls/eateries/food outlets within the 30 meter radius around precincts.

4. Selling / Buying / Drinking / Using alcoholic drinks in public is prohibited on the day of the elections.

5. No free ride offers to and from polling precincts from candidates / supporters as this may also be considered campaigning.

6. Sports like boxing and gambling like horse racing shall cease on the day of the elections, May 14 2007.

7. Again, no good in any form shall be allowed to be given away from the candidates on May 14 2007


- Any candidate or supporter that would violate this regulation shall face lawful punishment.

- Violators of the Omnibus Election Code shall face one up to six years of imprisonment and candidates that would fail to abide the rules shall be disqualified.

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