Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Koko - Bribe try!?

The Commission on Elections was urged Monday to look into the allegations of an election supervisor in South Cotabato that Genuine Opposition Senate candidate Aquilino Koko Pimentel 3rd tried to bribe her.

Lakas-CMD Reps. Edwin Uy of Isabela and Eladio Jala of Bohol said the claim of poll supervisor Lilian Radam against Pimentel was serious enough to merit an investigation.

Uy and Jala also advised Pimentel, the son of opposition Sen. Aquilino Pimentel, to submit himself to any inquiry instead of clearing himself in the media.

Jala said Radams allegation that Pimentels staff sought her help with a bribe offer was serious enough to warrant a formal probe by Comelec.

This serious allegation cannot just be simply dismissed by Koko with a plain denial especially in light of Radams statement that she is willing to provide details of the alleged bribe offer by Pimentels camp, he said.

Through an investigation, Radam would be able to identify the people involved in the alleged bribery; Jala said.

Uy said Radam should prepare herself to prove her accusations against Pimentel.

As a poll official herself, she knows it is her responsibility to report any poll anomaly in her area, he said.

Uy added Radam should not make a mockery of the poll processes just to counter Pimentels election sabotage case filed against her.

Radam must surface and face the Comelec so that the poll body would be able to get to the bottom of the poll fraud issue in South Cotabato, he said.

Well, anything can be possible. first, it might be his opponent destroying his name or, he might be desperate to do such act. but, i dont want to judge them, let the others be the judge. im just saying, anything can be possible. politics is a dirty place to be in and even though you have a good intention, politics will still be a dirty place to be.

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