Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Loren: "Im Thick-faced"

For one season (13 weeks), Legarda produced, wrote, hosted and marketed Manila Envelop, a TV-magazine show that dealt with the life of US-based Pinoys. She looked for sponsors and found them in Lorenza Supermarket, Grand Wilshire, Philippine Airlines and Ben Ducat, which bought advertising time for $500 per spot.

I covered community affairs, like the ANC [ABS-CBN News Channel] today, Legarda said, referring to Manila Envelop. There were two of us working on it. The other one was the driver of the Philippine Consulate. He was my driver, cameraman and editor.

She went to all events in the Filipino communities in LA, especially when there were politicians present.

Alam mo ako, malikot, aggressive [You know meI cant stand still], she said.

She also had a thick face, she said.

It was in one of these community events that Legarda, then 23, interviewed her first head of state, President George Bush.

Manila Envelop was also shown in Manila on Channel 4 as Business Talk. When a show was in the can, Legarda would go to the airport and look for a Filipino passenger queuing for a Philippine Airline flight to Manila, whom she thought had a kind face. She would introduce herself as Loren Legardaalthough at that time, there was still no Loren Legardaand would ask him to hand-carry a U-Matic tape of the show to Channel 4.

So even while I was living abroad, my presence was felt here. Ang itsura ko, big time [I projected a big time image], she said.

The show ended after EDSA 1. But things were just beginning for Legarda.

Ben Aniceto [a veteran broadcaster], who worked in ABS CBN, went to see me in the consulate, Legarda recalled. Ben Aniceto said Genny Lopez [owner of ABS-CBN] asked him to find me and ask me if I could anchor the primetime news program on Channel 2. The NMPC office was closed [after EDSA 1] because we were perceived to be pro-government. I think I was earning $1,000 in the US. It hurt me to withdraw $20 then because I was really saving up. Typical OFW. My dream was to be able to buy my own equipment so I could have my own production, or to apply in ABC News or NBC News.

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Personally, I think she has a lot in her mind in what to do to improve our nation. Topping the senatorial elections, that would be the evidence that people trust her. She is also a responsible single mother. (Im responsible for my children. Im a single parent. I havent lived [with Leviste] since 2001. Its been a long time. Weve been estranged for five years. Id rather not belabor the issue. We lead separate lives. My children are with me, and I take care of them to the best of my ability.
) - Loren

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