Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Koko, hindi pa rin matahimik!

Senatorial candidate Aquilino Pimentel 3rd filed Monday before the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) a formal protest against the proclamation of Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri as the 12th winning senator in the May 14, 2007 election.

Zubiri welcomed the protest and expressed confidence that he would be vindicated once the contested ballot boxes are opened. He also opened the possibility of filing a counter-protest in areas where he believed he was also cheated.

Pimentel disputed the election results from 44 towns of seven Mindanao provinces involving a total of 391,081 votes. The official canvassing by the Commission on Elections gave Zubiri a lead of 19,292 votes over Pimentel.

The election results from these areas are manufactured, padded, fraudulent, altered, distorted and illegal votes totals which are not reflective of the true results of voting and counting in the protested precincts, Pimentel said in a 33-page complaint with the SET.

He cited the Maguindanao count as a palpable showcase of manufactured and sham votes, illegally fabricated, at the post-voting/post-election stage, for proclamation-grabbing purposes.

Zubiri was credited with 195,823 votes out of 198,912 or a vote conversion rate of 98.45 percent, in Maguindanao. Pimentel questioned Maguindanaos abnormally high voters turnout of more than 97 percent, and the very lopsided results in favor of Team Unity candidates who posted a 12-0 win in all 22 towns.

Zubiri said he is leaving the protest issue to his lawyers.

All I am interested in is work, work, work. I dont want to be distracted from my work, he said.

At the same time, he said that he might file a counter-protest involving areas where he unbelievably lost.

It is also my right to find out the truth if I was cheated in these areas, Zubiri said, without identifying these areas.

The members of the SET have not yet been named. The SET will be composed of four majority and two minority senators, and five associate justices of the Supreme Court, one of whom will be the presiding officer.
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He cant accept he lost. too bad. pls, just accept it and run next time. if they really cheated, that will be against their conscience. so please...

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