Friday, August 24, 2007

GMA destroyed Luxury cars: all show, no go?

Smugglers beware! GMA is destroying luxury cars. but, dont worry, lambos and horses are safe!

"there was that made-for-PR show last week in which 18 confiscated vehicles were crushed, purportedly as a warning to smugglers. The really fancy ones—including a Ferrari and a Lamborghini—were spared, prompting not a few eyebrows to reach for the ceiling."

"Also, while I agree with the destruction of all confiscated vehicles, it can’t be a selective thing. If you are going to destroy the smuggled goods of one importer, you have to make sure you do the same to those of the others. There can be no double standards if we are to make this campaign work."

Manila Times

When I watched the news last week, I saw 3 BMW x5's, 1 Lincoln Navigator, 1 old BMW, and some "not expensive" minivans (we are talking about luxury cars here).

So, where are those other diamonds like the BMW 7-series, lambos, ferraris and Mbenzes?

Philippines is already a double standard country in terms of the classes. for example, class A high ranking or my-dad-is-a-general citizens, can talk the police out when caught in a traffic violation. and now, cars become double standard too. lambos and ferraris can escape being crushed while those minivans, which I know costs around 300 thousand only(except for the x5's and the navi) are crushed to metal scraps.

oh well. This is the Philippines.


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