Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Violence may erupt if Erap is convicted or vice versa.


Former Philippine president, Joseph Ejercito "Erap" Estrada's fans and supporters might plan a widespread rioting or looting according to Maj. Gen. Ben Mohammad Dolorfino, chief of the AFP National Capital Region Command, said the military is preparing for a situation similar to the May 1, 2001, siege of the presidential palace by Estrada supporters.


Also, "[An acquittal] will also cause mass action, although it will vary in magnitude. If [Estrada] is found guilty, it is expected that the mass action will be bigger," he said.

So, whatever side you are on, Pro, Anti or Neutral, AFP is making sure that peace and order will prevail. but we can't help but think that, of course, PNP/AFP will be on the government side. unless, there will be a coup plot against the administration, again...

Article about: AFP bracing for ‘worst-case’ scenario if Erap is convicted from GMA news website.

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