Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hello Garci, again...

Just decide! man! this issue had been long covered and now, its up again!

According to De Venecia, "The House of Representatives has already devoted more than two months of debates, public hearings, tension and conflict before the entire media in the Philippines on the controversial issue.”

“We have exhausted the issue,” De Venecia stressed.

De Venecia said the revival of the “Hello, Garci” controversy at the Senate might delay the passage of the national budget and the pending ratification of the economic treaty with Japan.

They are opening and re-opening old stuffs and delaying what should be done first. Is this another tactic to divert something? If you want to open it again, do it fast! dont waste your time debating to open it or not. Thats how they waste time. everywhere even in the senate, there is always an antagonist. but, cant they just think, whats for the better and less for themselves?

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