Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lim's Shame Campaign, will be implemented in the house

Impressive attendance at the House of Representatives has prompted the House leadership to shelve plans of implementing a “shame campaign” against habitual absentee lawmakers.

House Majority Leader Arthur Defensor informed reporters who attended the weekly Ayes and News Forum in Quezon City of the decision of Speaker Jose de Venecia Jr. to put on hold the plan to impose sanctions on erring members.

Sessions of the 237-man chamber, held Mondays through Thursdays, have been attended by around 200 congressmen. The impressive attendance could largely be attributed to the huge number of neophyte lawmakers, numbering around 100, in the 14th Congress.

“The Speaker has his own reasons for shelving the proposed sanctions because of the fantastic attendance,” Defensor said.

He clarified though that the rules committee that he heads is serious in making public the names of lazy congressmen.

“We are serious and determined in publishing the names of absentee congressmen and the justified absences as well, because we have to continue the impressive attendance,” Defensor asserted.

Lim's Shame campaign is gaining more popularity and winning in most Filipino citizens heart, is now known as a positive political action.

Other head and high officials should also implement this in their own respective departments to reduce graft and corruption, one of Philippines' top problems. Just a few months back, we were tagged as the most corrupt in asia.

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