Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Philippines on red alert status

The Philippine National Police on Tuesday placed all units in six regions in Mindanao on full alert because of ongoing operations in Sulu and Basilan.

Police have likewise been placed units on heightened alert in the rest of Luzon and the Visayas for the same reasons.

The country’s police force was also placed on alert in the National Capital Region because of the ongoing 39th ASEAN Economic Ministers' summit in Makati City.

The PNP earlier said its forces nationwide were on red alert amid intensified fighting between the military and al Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf extremists in Mindanao.

Chief Superintendent Samuel Pagdilao Jr., PNP spokesman, said the country's police force was placed on alert after the New People's Army declared that it is renewing offensives against the government.

The full alert status was declared after President Arroyo's meeting with the security cluster of her Cabinet in MalacaƱang.

During the meeting, Mrs. Arroyo ordered the police and the military to work with local government units in strengthening the government's campaign against terrorism.

PNP on nationwide alert

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Are you sure the red alert status concerns the bombing? No hidden agendas? because i was thinking, there might be something else other than the protection and police visibility in the metro.

Almost all officials/politicians are power hungry. or just hungry for anything? name it...

although not all. most of them i believe are like that.

This Red Alert status will give them the chance to use and abuse powers. Some of us know our rights, but, not all. thats where the abuse parts goes in. they will intimidate you and if you get scared firsts even without doing anything wrong, they can extort money from you, or frame you up -> worst case scenario

anyway, for Philippine Political news, go to because there, its all about politics, whats happening in the Philippines, especially in NCR.

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