Thursday, August 23, 2007

This is what I am talking about...

Was the red alert yesterday about the Abu Sayyaf's terror spill over? or something else? this is what I am saying...

from ABS-CBN news - ‘GMA ouster no longer possible’ By DELON PORCALLA

After causing a political maelstrom that almost swept away President Arroyo, the Senate investigation of the “Hello Garci” scandal – which is set to be reopened – can no longer threaten her remaining three years in office, a retired intelligence officer who claimed to have heard her plotting election fraud with a poll official said.

Retired Army T/Sgt. Vidal Doble said he doesn’t expect the revival of the scandal to cause the downfall of Mrs. Arroyo, saying her administration has managed to consolidate its forces and that the public has become apathetic to political controversies.

“I feel I’m a free man now, and nobody can dictate on me. They had my family before. And there’s no way I’d pull the trigger if they have my family,” he said. He said his family is now out of harm’s way.

He also said that the service provider of Garcillano’s phone, which he used in his conversation with Mrs. Aquino, was Smart Communications Inc.

He also clarified that he did not sell the recorded conversation to former National Bureau of Investigation deputy director Samuel Ong. He said he didn’t know that he would be given P2 million, P200,000 of which he gave to Ong’s agent Lito Santiago. The meeting took place at Imperial Palace, he said.

“My friends ridiculed me for taking only P2 million, and they said I could have sold the tape for P40 (million),” he said. He added he used part of the money to help a sibling.


So, do you guys still beleive its about the Abu Sayyaf's spill over? Some people are really smart, if the Abu Sayyaf's group can plan diversionary tactics, so can the government. its not an old thing, nothing 007.

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