Friday, August 31, 2007

Pinoys, feel at home with the latest in messengers! free!

Yehey Tol

Its a new instant messaging software that allows you to communicate to other people in other parts of the world using yehey tol or yahoo messenger. It was created for Filipinos by Filipinos. This is supposed to make Pinoys abroad feel more at home because of the pinoy themes like the nice and simple, PS Bank theme, Simple lang.

It has pinoy avatars, has unique names for avatars and a unique buzz sound. In yahoo messenger, the buzz is "Buzz", but here, it is "pssst huy!" so Filipino, right?

Soon, they will release their latest version, the one with the webcam driven 3d avatars, in which, even yahoo doesn't have yet. You may ask why they created this webcam driven 3d avatars when its better to see face to face. I think, the answer to that is, some people are shy to use the webcam and they want to express their feelings thru facial expressions. this is their purpose,i think.

by the way, for some who doesn't know what webcam driven 3d avatars is, iv'e read from their FAQ that, its like using a webcam, but having a mask on. when you wink, the character winks, make sad face, the character looks sad and etc.. from what i read, thats what i understood.

so, im pretty excited now to use that latest technology.

if you want to know more, visit httP://

(you can download the software there for free)