Monday, September 3, 2007

Malacañang tried. Avila no show!

A potential witness in the plunder case against deposed president Joseph Estrada failed to show up Monday at a press conference where he had promised to reveal details of a Malacañang plot to use tampered evidence against the former president.

Lawyer Cirilo Avila said his client, Federico Manrique, was being suppressed by people identified with the Arroyo administration.

He said Manrique wanted to reveal what he knew about the conspiracy against Estrada last April but deferred his plan since the timing was not right.

He added that Malacañang tried to silence Avila by bringing him and his family to Canada on diplomatic status.


So, does this mean that Avila got what he bargained for? or even more? thats why he is a no show?

You cant hide the fact that the government a powerful office. anything is possible. with money talking, people has their weakpoints.

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