Wednesday, September 19, 2007

De venecia boy, name drops then backs down.

The "mystery man" who helped Commission on Elections Chairman Benjamin Abalos Sr. convince Jose "Joey" de Venecia III to abandon his proposal for the national broadband network and give way to China's ZTE Corp. is First Gentleman Mike Arroyo.

"It was the First Gentleman who told me to back off,'' said De Venecia, co-owner of Amsterdam Holdings Inc (AHI) which participated and lost in bididing the broadband project.

"I have previously mentioned to reveal the identity of the mystery man under oath and in the proper forum. It is with a heavy heart that I cannot deny that it was First Gentleman Mike Arroyo," he said.

De Venecia said Mr. Arroyo directly told him to "back off" while pointing a finger at him.


After telling everyone that the mystery man is FG, he issues a follow-up statement.

"I do, however, want to make clear that it was (FG Arroyo's) presence alone that I observed," the young de Venecia said. He also admitted that he doesn't know about Mr. Arroyo's participation in the NBN deal.

So, are you protecting yourself? I agree its not easy to face a big enemy, but, please, stand on what you believe in. Dont be afraid to announce to the public the truth.

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