Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Diesel tanks sa Glorietta 2 dahilan daw ng pagsabog

Diesel tanks sa Glorietta 2 dahilan daw ng pagsabog

Ang gulo ng mga anggulo na nakikita nila. ang labo. Is this their political strategy? are they covering something up? they cant have it both ways. after covering an issue, they are now saving the economy. (This is if the allegations about the cover-up is true) if not, cant glorietta immediately know that it is from their generators? I think they will know asap. not a few days after or maybe, they are saving their ass?

but.. same as yesterday, it might be those terrorists. the only good thing is, Ayala immediately promised to shoulder the bombing victims expenses. they are professional and responsible enough to do that... yesterday ayala stocks dipped .75 but it improved today by .25. I Beleive that, in what they did, shouldered the expenses, it will return to them in many folds back.

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