Tuesday, August 19, 2008

'8' plate issue

Even before, I've seen a lot of 8 plates roaming around the metro streets and some even posted in this blog called streetviolators.

Just yesterday, a security guard was killed by a person on board a SUV ( Nissan X-Trail - ZAK-158 )with an '8' plate.

For me, why do Philippine government officials deserve special treatment on the streets when in fact, they are public servants. They must give way to us, common people. Most of them even has an entourage of gas guzzling SUV's just to clear the way for them.

I agree that they should not allow people to use '8' plates, real or not. If they want their identity hidden, they should not use special plates because they will be more easily recognized.

Hey government people concerned with such. investigate these sellers of '8' plate(s)