Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New source of corruption - Bravo!

Another looney law in the Philippines:

LTO Chief Alberto Suansing
being interviewed on a local radio station. In the interview he stressed the need for the LTO to implement stricter guidelines for motorcycle riders as well as their backrides. The amended guidelines include”

1. Carrying of Restriction Code 1 (RC 1) on the riders’ license.
2. Keeping the headlights on at all times of the day.
3. Wearing of protective devices including helmets, protective clothing and footwear.

These are the clear cut items on the amended regulations. Though they added something that might become a flash point in the community.

Additional items from the LTO Guidelines:

Drivers and back riders who fail to wear prescribed helmet will be fined P1,500 plus attending seminar for traffic safety to be conducted by LTO.

* For carrying more passenger other than the back rider or cargo, a penalty of P1,000.
* For defective accessories such as headlight, tail light, signal light, brake light, side mirror and horn a fine of P1,000 for the violators.
* For modifying any part of the original design of a motorcycle or scooter without approval of LTO and the DTI a fine of P2,000.
* Wearing flip flop, sandals, or slippers fine of P500 for the first offense, P700 for the 2nd offense and P1,000 for the 3rd offense and revocation of driver’s license.

Source: Underbones Philippines Motorcycle Group

What!?!? Modifying your own motorcycle needs to be approved by the LTO and DTI!? Why kind of looney law is that? Mind you, some modifications even increases the safety of MC riders.

As they say, the government is one big business. You need to innovate new business schemes once in awhile to keep your business running.

Bravo to the new government implemented business!