Monday, August 11, 2008

China - The new SUPER power

China new super power country
I am sure that you are one of the few billion people who watched the opening of the 2008 Beijing olympics on television, or live (If you are the few lucky thousand).

To state a fact, the opening of Beijing '08 Olympics drew record breaking viewers surpassing Super bowl and American Idol finals.

I've never watched any Olympic opening because it was just another boring sporting event for me. This time, I watched it not because I have Chinese blood, but because of all the marketing efforts they made to let every persons anticipation level soar. I don't even plan to watch the 2012 London Olympics - Unless I go there LIVE.

Way back Year 2002, I went to Beijing joining a tour. To my surprise, I had already seen and then bought 2008 Beijing Olympics merchandise -The 2004 Olympics hasn't even started! When I went back to China last 2006, it was already flooded with Beijing Olympics merchandise.

Another fact to make a strong statement about my topic "China - The new superpower". Someone told me that in the Bible (Basic instructions before leaving Earth), it was even indicated that China will be the last super power.

I personally believe this because everything inside the Bible is true and most of what's written has happened already. *Makes my hair raise, because China is already happening.


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