Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Other countries are just envious...

Bangsamoro Juridical Entity (BJE)
I am writing about the olympics rather than the BJE contract signing in Mindanao because I think that Arroyo is intelligent enough not to sign that deal. I was watching the news last night and I do not agree with what most of the muslims in Quiapo said. They said that after signing, peace will be restored. Read the following and tell me if this is what they think peace is:

1. Villagers flee as fighting intensifies
2. Booby traps prevent Philippine villagers from going home

Signing that contract won't bring peace in that place. Eliminating MILF or other extremist groups will help bring back peace- FAST.

Who ever said that Mindanao was theirs? Thats BS man. Mindanao is part of the Philippines. They can live there, yes, but requesting it to be apart from the Philippines? Absolutely not! (I am confident that our current president can think of the consequences well.)

Going back to Beijing...
Ever since the Beijing Olympics started, other envious countries were like wild tigers waiting to pounce on their prey, China, to put them down but so far, none of the attempts were successful.
Fake fireworks?
Yes, they said that only the last "foot print" was filmed live. My question is, are there ANY rules regarding the fireworks display on an Olympics opening?

So for other countries who's making this a big deal, when it's really not, STOP BEING A CRY BABY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!
Singing kid - lip-synching?

As Lin Miaoke sang sweetly through Ode to the Motherland in the Bird’s Nest stadium on Friday night, an emerging superpower swelled with pride at their beautiful little songbird in her red dress and cute pigtails.

But as she was fĂȘted across China yesterday for a charming performance that made her a star, the Beijing schoolgirl was exposed as a fake.

Far from being angel-voiced, it seems Miaoke was simply angel-faced, as it emerged that she did not sing a note.

The real singer was Yang Peiyi, a seven-year-old deemed not pretty enough to be the face of China’s most watched moment in history.

China admitted to this.

Again, I do not see any rules regarding this but for me, this is a bit tad wrong. In my opinion, the kid below is also cute but not as cute as the one above. The REAL singing kid should get the limelight at the closing of the Olympics just to make up for her non-appearance at the opening.

and for the lip-synching cute kid? Your days are over. Hope you enjoyed your limelight while it lasted.

Again, other superpower countries need not be afraid of China being the superpower. Be very afraid because your limelight too, is over.