Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2010 Philippine Political Ads: Vote for the most annoying one!

Now that the 2010 presidential elections is drawing nearer, political ads are now popping out like wild mushrooms everywhere! Before, we would just be flooded by ads in the streets, billboards, TV and newspapers. Now that everyone is embracing and taking advantage of technology, we are also flooded here on the web!

Below, I compiled some of the televised political ads here in connection to the 2010 elections in the Philippines.

Vote now for your hatest political TV commercial this 2010!

(Want to add a video here? Just e-mail me or place a comment)
Mar Roxas "Padyak" TV ad

Manny Villar "Akala mo" TV ad

DILG Ronnie V Puno "Kuya" TV ad

Tito Boboy Syjuco Tesda TV ad with Sarah Geronimo

Jejomar Binay "Ganito Kami sa Makati" TV ad

Loren Legarda "Pagbabago" TV ad

Bayani Fernando "Political Will" TV ad
---can't find it in youtube. will record the TV ad tonight---

Miriam Defensor Santiago's reply regarding the Political TV ads

Top 3 only.
3 points for being the most %#@*&^(annoying) of all!
then 2 points and 1 for the least annoying of them all.

*no votes may mean that the said commercial isn't annoying at all. :)



Mark James Reyes said...

3pts for Mar Roxas "padyak" ad
2pts for Bayani Fernandos Political will ad


1pt for Ronnie V Puno DILG ad*

ika-nga ni Miriam Defensor Santiago.."ang kapal ng make-up!"


Nice topic & compilation, btw.

Bong said...

3 - villar
2 - roxas
1 - puna

Joseph S. said...

3 Roxas
2 Villar
1 BF


Ryan said...

3pts = Puno

2pts = Syjuco

1pts = Roxas

Jhen said...

Mar Roxas - 3
Villar - 2
Enrile - 1

Anonymous said...

Mar Roxas - 3 points
Bayani Fernando - 2 points
Puno & Syjuco - 1 point

Juriss said...

3- Roxas
2- Syjuco
1- Puno

Chef Tonio said...

Tally as of
August 26, 2009 - 3:08pm (+8gmt)

Roxas - 18
Villar - 7
Puno - 7
BF - 5
Enrile - 1

Anonymous said...

Mar Roxas - 3
Villar - 2
Puno - 1

Mary Grace said...

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Thank you very much.