Monday, August 31, 2009

ImmortalTXT from Globe

Just last Saturday, we were introduced to Globe's newest offering. Globe Immortaltxt.

how to register to immortaltxt globe

For just 10 pesos, you get 50 SMS Globe to Globe and 10 SMS to other networks. You know what's even greater???? No EXPIRATION date!!! In your face NTC! kidding. hehe.

Actually, I think NTC pushed telcos to improve their services and I think we should give NTC some credit for these telco offerings.

As I am typing this, I just texted "Immortal10" to 8888 to try out their service.

The reply was,

immortaltxt 10 to 8888

...followed by another SMS

Globe immortaltxt10
pardon the blurry photos. My trusty cellphone doesn't have macro mode nor auto-focus :)

Anyway, as I was saying, this is such a great offer from Globe, I can't help but praise them for it despite my many bad experiences with their Globe Visibility/ Globe Tattoo AND Globe Broadband services. To tell you the truth, my Globe Broadband 3mbps subscription has been down more than a week already and sadly, Globe hasn't made any action. (If you are from globe, do get in touch with me at

The launching event was a blast! Unsuspecting bloggers (yes, that includes me.) went to the Ayala Museum Cafe in Greenbelt. I arrived 1pm as stated in the invite. Kel and Yogajane was already there. :)

50 globe to globe 10 to other networks no expiry
The tissue there since I forgot to take photos of the place. Great piece of paper! LOL.

ayala museum m cafe
My iced tea

greenbelt ayala museum m cafe
Our pica-pica

Suddenly, there were around 5 to 6 big bad bikes that arrived. I was told boy-kuripot jokingly that we would be riding those bikes! After awhile, I discovered that some of us was really going to ride those bikes... to another venue!!!

globe big bad bikes
Big bikes has arrived!

globe van convoy
Then, a convoy of vans arrived. All with Globe logos posted.

Earlier, I was asking some of the organizers (my friends na yun ha!) about what the event was and what activities can we expect. They kept mum and I glad they did because the surprise was, M-cafe wasn't the real venue! We were tricked!!! hehe. Nice gimmick!

globe convoy going to handlebar
After the announcement, big bikes lead us and served as our "escorts" to the next venue.

map to handlebar makati
Being the observant(or chismoso) me, after riding in the van, I saw this piece of paper which revealed to me the location of our next destination. :P But of course, I didn't reveal it to anyone. I just texted my GF where we were going(she wasn't there naman so, I didn't spoil the surprise). hahaha!

After arriving at Handlebar (somewhere near Rockwell and Jupiter st.), we drank iced tea (again) and ate some snack while some bands were playing.

up dharma down at handlebar
It was a gimmick night in the afternoon. hehe.

globe bloggers event at handlebar
Glad to see some of my friend bloggers there. :)
Solo feature: Azrael! (woot!)

up dharma down globe event
More band-thumping music from Up Dharma Down

globe youniverse sms trinoma 2988
They announced this new service they are offering. It's called Youniverse. It's like Chat TV but, this LCD will be displyed in malls. You can send MMS and SMS and your Text or Photos sent there will be displayed at the board. Cool, huh? :)

lauren dado tattoo globe mini note
A dare was then announced and she was the brave girl who accepted the dare. The dare? Get a permanent tattoo and you get a HP Mini-note netbook. Not bad! Only, I wouldn't do that for a laptop. Maybe a Honda CR-V or Subaru Forester would get me thinking twice of accepting the offer.

subaru forester cheftonio
I <3 Subaru Forester :)

Globe's Immortaltxt rocks!!!

Just text "immortaltxt10" and send it to 8888



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