Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Globe Tattoo Youniverse - Post your Globe complaints here!

Just launched recently, you can now bash Globe directly and pray that they will finally hear you after complaining for thousands of years because here comes... Globe Youniverse!!!

Globe tattoo youniverse
It functions like Digg but, this website is full of stuffs about Globe. For example, you have this idea, you then post it at the Globe Youniverse website and let people vote on it. The higher the number of votes, the higher the chances that your ideas would be finally heard.

I have personally nothing against Globe if they just provide what they say they will provide. For example, here is the "idea" that I posted in their cool website just a few minutes back..

globe youniverse website globe tattoo
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I'm so pissed off with Globe Broadband! Just a few months back, I terminated my Globe Visbility postpaid unlimited line. I terminated my Globe Handyphone line too.

Well, this website gave me hope that one day, they will hear me. As I posted in a seperate blog of mine a few months back, "Who am I to them? I was just a less than 5k pesos subscriber they can afford to lose."

Now, that I had my Globe visibility (now called Globe Tattoo) line disconnected, I'm saving myself 2k pesos a month.

I hope someone teaches Globe how to take care of customers.

Hey, that is a nice suggestion, don't you think?

Vote for my suggestion/idea in the Globe Youniverse if you agree with me here:



ehya said...

Sad to hear that cheftonio that after all this time, Globe hasn't made a solution to your problem but i have to thank you for your info that they are having this Globe Tattoo Youniverse which has a digg like structure. maybe this time your complain on their service will be heard and made an act on it not just to you but to all their subscribers as well.

Alvin said...

I applied for Broadband with Landline this month because based on their ad I would get 512 kbps for only P995/ month. Unfortunately, when I conducted lots of speedtests, I only got 31-200+kbps which is not even half. I couldn't use a webcam while chatting and browse for other sites at the same time. We both had robotic voices and our call usually drops. Video streaming is also too slow. I called them several times and promise to resolve the issue but they didn't come to my house twice. The third time I talked to their technician, he suggested me to upgrade to Wimax which they said is faster (1 mbps), and I did. Sad to say, there aren't any improvements. Speed is 19 kbps -200+. I'm planning to terminate my contract. Bahala sila sa buhay nila. Basta hindi ako satisfied sa bulok nilang produkto.